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Read About Todays Child

(A Sample Personal Report)


When we become parents we take responsibility for our children, and look at ourselves in new ways. We wonder, who will they become? We worry, how can we best help them to achieve their potential? We may fear that they will be constrained in ways we feel our upbringing and circumstances has affected our lives.

If only there was a guide book for a child; one that could analyse their strengths, their vulnerabilities, their character, in a detached, fair and accurate way. A guide for life which is independent of the prejudices and unconscious influences that even a loving parent might impose. Read More


Personal reports are created by three groups in three countries, with help from centuries of knowledge created before us. The foundation of the personal report is astrology but not as you know it. Read More


Although based on astrology, there are no jargon, complicated phrases or confusion. It is written in an easy to read format. Check it out, read the sample personal report.
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