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  • The Personal Report

    Let us introduce you to The Personal Report – a personal analysis that is created uniquely for an individual, child or adult.

    The Personal Report offers an in depth analysis of a person and covers ten distinct aspects. Each of the ten chapters has three sub-sections that provide Definitions, and then address Conflicts & Contrasts, and Ease & Creativity.

    You then choose how and when to read and use the information and ideas in these chapters. And relevancy of a Personal Report created for a baby doesn’t end when the baby becomes a child. In fact, its usefulness increases in adulthood. It will be a valuable tool for the rest of life.

    The foundation of The Personal Report is astrology, but not as you know it. There are no astrological words or difficult phrases, only plain English. It draws on the traditions that have been practised in many cultures over centuries. To this we have added wisdom from psychiatry, psychotherapy, parenting and close to 100 years of experience in helping people deal with themselves, the problems and the choices they have in their lives.

    What The Personal Report offers: a chance to think about and take charge of your life without the criticism or manipulation that can come even with well-meaning advice and support. The benefits of the kind of insights that years of therapy may bring, at a much smaller cost. Ways to look at ourselves when life is painful and frustrating and see what constrains us and what we can do to make things better.

    The Outcomes:

    Greater self-knowledge can lead to greater happiness, higher energy levels and more effective decision making. Most problems come from making a decision that is wrong for you. It may be easier than you think to avoid such mistakes.