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  • Our Team

    The team consists of three groups from three countries who spent two years developing the Personal Report. Writers, analysts and software developers make up the team.

    The Writer:

    Mavis Klein, a psychotherapist living in England, specializes in couples' and parent-child relationships, and for the past 30 years has also been a counselling astrologer. She has written nine books. Her unique insights and clarity come from a lifetime of interaction with her family, friends, fellow workers and clients. In her own words “I don't know why astrology works, but I know how it works. And it works with astonishing precision. It can illuminate difficult moments in your life, or point out unseen opportunities. It helps you step back from a problem and see it from a new perspective.” Link to Mavis

    The Entrepreneur:

    Andrew Bishop, who works in New Zealand, has been interested in this area of personal growth and insight for many years. He knew what he wanted to offer in The Personal Report, and devised The Personal Report framework. When he met Mavis in 2006 he knew he had the writer who would help him to realise this project.

    The Technical Team:

    Finally there was the need for a powerful and creative computer program to produce the individual Personal Reports. Easychart Analytics is a computer company based in Hong Kong that specialised in development of analytical software.