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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I don’t know my birth time?
  • You can tick the box that says “Birth time unknown” and The Personal Report is calculated without the birth time information. The report will be a little shorter and it will not be as comprehensive as a full report. Nevertheless, it will still be accurate.
  • Can The Personal Report be done only when the person is a baby?
  • No. Anyone can get a Personal Report at any time. Our focus is on babies, as the exact birth time is more often known, and so The Personal Report is more detailed and precise. A baby’s future is a great unknown, and it helps parents and family to have a guide to their child’s life.
  • Who else can access this information about me?
  • No one. The information you provide is processed by the computer programme and no one has access to it.
  • Do I have to an understanding of astrology to use the Personal Report?
  • No, because it is written in plain English.
  • Are there any testimonials from other users?
  • There are many. Click here for testimonials.
  • What privacy precautions are taken when The Personal Report is generated?
    1. Customer information is collected only when they purchase. We store necessary information such as the customer’s name, birth date, email account and address (only for hardcopy purchase) in database which is accessible only within the system administration privilege.
    2. Customer information collected will not be transferred to others for unrelated commercial use. The use of personal information from customers will be limited to the purposes clearly indicated to them in advance.
    3. In some extraordinary situations the collected information may be disclosed but only when ordered by a court of law for legitimate legal reasons.
    4. The authentication for financial information will be made by Paypal. No customer financial information will be kept in our system.
  • Is this the only report that will ever be made about me or my child?
  • Yes, it’s a once-only report.
  • Why is some of the material rather contradictory?
  • Because we humans are complex people, some more than others. This is not usually a problem, providing we understand and reflect on these contradictions and contrasts. The Personal Report helps you to understand and deal with them in any way you think is appropriate.
  • How do I know this is a report uniquely about me or my child?
  • By checking the date of birth, time and place.
  • How do I know my interpretations of the material about my child will be accurate – or valuable?
  • Let your instinct be your guide. All that is contained in this analysis is just what you, as a parent, will become more and more aware of through your everyday interactions with your growing child. Your child's nature will unfold naturally, but by referring to this report from time to time you can confirm the truth of what you are experiencing. And this will help to give you the confidence to guide your child to express his or her individuality with the greatest joy and fulfillment.
  • How should I use the information about my baby to make decisions about her or him?
  • Your child, like all of us, will have some personality traits that are challenging. Perhaps, for example, it is part of his or her nature to have a tendency to be stubborn or rebellious or bad-tempered or greedy. At times when you are struggling to understand or cope with your child, look at this report and you will find helpful guidance. Being a parent is the most powerful task on earth. Your loving and creative struggle to find the just-right balance between encouragement and restraint, to bring to fulfilment your child's blessings and talents, and to minimize any personality handicaps, will be your great joy. The power of this report is to provide you with a deeper understanding of your child to help you in this important duty.
  • I am a religious person and not sure about anything associated with astrology?
  • Contrary to popular misapprehension astrology is not "believed in" any more than a telephone is. Both are used because they work. All astrological choices and decisions are no more than extensions of sailing with the tide, planting by the seasons, and forecasting rain from the configurations of the clouds, all of which bear witness to our ordinary knowledgeable "belief in" the connections between extra-terrestrial events and events on earth.
    Far from being irreligious or even blasphemous, astrology leads us to a profoundly religious attitude to life. All religions are quests to understand our relationship to the cosmos (or God) and, to this extent, astrology is awesomely religious and compatible with all the religions of the world.
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